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I have two files in my OneDrive. A group in my company works with 1 file, permissions and everything work no problem. My other file actually has a formula that references the link to that workbook and a specific sheet in that workbook. Everything PERFECT so long as I open the file with the link to update the content to the linked worksheet in the other workbook. I suspect it requires some refresh manually.


I like vacations, so I would like to know if there is a way that the workbook with the link does not have to be opened to updated the linked content.  Again, this works fine so long as I open the file and then the link updates with the most updated data from the other workbook.


I have it set up this way because I run a copy/paste value script to send an email with PowerAutomate to a group of people, but wanted them to be far away from the raw data as possible.....

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