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Hi evryone, 


I'd like to make hyperlinks that do not work with adress of the cell but with its content. 


Few explanations why : 


In the same workbook I have 2 sheets : 

1 with parameters (about 400 lines)

1 with help about the parameters


Both sheets has the same architecture : if parameter x is on line 15, help about x is also on line 15 in the help sheet. 

I have hyperlink next to each parmeter to jump to the correct help in the help sheet that work with cell adress. 


Problem is : if I add a new parameter (and so a new help line) it change all the adress (+1 on each line number) and so all the Hyperlink went wrong. 

So I'm looking for a solution where I can give each Help line a tag that do not depends on the line number or column number so I can make an Hyperlink to the tag and not to the adress.


Thank you all in advance



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Use this formula to link to the same cell on the Help sheet: =HYPERLINK("#'Help'!"&CELL("address",A1),"Help")
Thanks Jan it seems to be working good !
=HYPERLINK("#Help!" & ADRESS(LINE();2); "Help")
Work also well because it doesn't work with a fixed line number but a dynamic one so it solve the problem of adding new lines. The only thong I don't manage to do is pointing not only to 1 cell but the entire row (to higlight the entire row and make it more easy to spot for the user)

Thanks !

@Arthur196 You can do that as well: