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Hi All,

I have a spreadsheet we are using as an Executive dashboard which is data from multiple reports into one tab.  We also have a need to have a link per row to go to a TAB in another spreadsheet.  Basically, click the link, go directly to the named tab in another spreadsheet.  I can find a way to link to a whole spreadsheet file or to a specific cell in the spreadsheet, but not just to a tab in a spreadsheet.  Help?!?



Link in Cell C5 of spreadsheet A opens in spreadsheet B to the ABC tab

Link is Cell C6 of spreadsheet A opens in spreadsheet B to the DEF tab (same spreadsheet B as above)

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By spreadsheet A and spreadsheet B, do you mean separate workbooks (files)?

Yes, completely separate files.
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On the Insert tab of the ribbon, in the Links group, click Link, or press Ctrl+K.

Navigate to the folder with the other workbook, and select the workbook, but don't click OK yet.

Instead, click the Bookmark... button on the right.

Select the sheet you want to link to, and if you wish, specify the cell (the default is A1).

Then click OK, and OK again.

@Hans Vogelaar 

AWESOME! Thanks!! That totally worked.