Link Pivot Table Report column headings to Field labelling


I have a very large CSV dataset (1.5GB) I have had to import into Excel as a Pivot Table Report. In order to save on space, the data provider uses codes for field names e.g. 'HE Provider' column is labelled 'F_XINSTID01', and they have supplied a seperate Excel worksheet with field ordering and field labelling with descriptions. How can I get the Pivot Table Fields to read as something like 'HE Provider' rather than 'F_XINSTID01' and so on? I know how to use VLOOKUP when I can access the raw data but with this being a Pivot Table Report I'm not quite sure what to do. 

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You may Power Query csv file and Excel with codes as connections only. Merge them in separate query to combine with code names. Load this query as PivotTable into the grid.