Link Pivot Table filtration with cell value

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Hi Dears,

How can link the filtration of the pivot table with a selection of specific value in a cell?



I have the below pivot table and in the date filtration need to linked with a drop-down list in another sheet.






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It is always more helpful to post a copy of the actual spreadsheet than simply an image of a part of it. So I'll try to answer your question, but my answer is going to have to be a little abstract since I don't have your actual spreadsheet and pivot table to work with.

IF I understand what you're trying to do, I think I'd come at it by building the Pivot Table itself based on the table that has been constructed (filtered) based on that drop-down on that other sheet. You're doing it--again, IF I understand it--by building the Pivot Table and then trying to filter it. I'd turn that thinking/designing process around.

If that makes sense, all well and good. If not, please post a copy of the spreadsheet with a more complete description of desired outcome.

Dear  @mathetes 


I have attached the file and note the below:


1- In sheet "Officer" column "R2" the drop-down list for the date. 

2- In sheet PVT, I'm looking to do a filter based on the selection of value in Officer!R2

I'm sorry.......I should have warned you NOT to post here (it's a public website) any real names of real people. You'll need to take that down. I also wasn't able to make the spreadsheet fully functional since it connects to some external sources.
As I noted in my first response, though, my sense is that you need to use that drop down in Officer!R2 to develop an intermediate table from which to develop your pivot table. You might find the new FILTER function very helpful in that connection. Here's a reference:
Thanks my dear,