link data label to callout in chart

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Hello,  I am using a X-Y scatter chart to make a historical chart (for genealogy).  I have the "event" (such as birth)  in A column, the date in B (x axis), and a 0 (for y axis).  This is what FamilySearch video says to do.  I'm stuck with "linking" my column A "event" to be "inserted" in my callout shape.

I am about to give in and purchase a ready-made Timeline that's available, but thought I'd ask first

Thank you,  Liz

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@lizH707 Perhaps like in the attached workbook?


Add data labels and format them such that they pick up the "values from cells" in column A and to "show leader lines". Set the label border to a solid line. Then you can drag your events "boxes" to your liking. The leader lines will automatically follow.

can't figure out how to add data labels.