link/connect sheets from diff work books to sync data live

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I have a microsoft form that updates to an excel workbook sheet then i need to have sync to a MASTER sheet that has previous notes from (before i started the form) and need to have formulas/macros/vba/power query i have no clue what in place to keep them updated simultaniously till the formulas and code are in place due to it being edited daily


i need the excel microsoft forms responses(has to be saved on dropbox to update live) to then sync to a shared excel workbook saved in dropbox (or a master protected copy first thats not shared, then shared from the master to the editable full 2023 data etc) 


*I need the master bc this has gotten screwed up before/ data loss/ etc i have to have a protected copy that can receive new rows that get added from the form or you need a password to change it


and then have the master share it to a Working field notes sheet in same workbook or a seperate workbook


I need this done immeditely and have 0 forumulas and functions knowledge 


it must expand in every sheet with formulas expanding


HOW DO I DO THIS? or MINIMALLY link the form response sheets to the working field notes sheet in a seperate note book so that the formula expands as lines are added. I NEED THIS PART BEFORE END OF BUSINESS TODAY


I ALSO need to ensure conflicted copies wont be created when diff people open work book etc (Can i make it so only 1 person can be on the working field notes at a time? *this is why the protected master is the most important!)


puuhhlease help me!

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