Lineal Programming

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I have this exercise for my industrial engineer class. In the Excell sheet, I answered it but there's a sales potential of product X3 and I don't how to put that constraint on the formula.

In the attachment is my question and in excel is my answer. Can someone help me?




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@tania1080 You cannot use the total capacity of X1 and X2 and X3 because you would exceed the available resources. In the optimal solution, at least one machine will not be fully used.

In this example, X3 is not used to capacity; that is perfectly normal.


By the way, the formula in E7 can be simplified to =SUMPRODUCT($B$2:$D$2,B7:D7)

@Hans Vogelaar 

So, in the solver, I have to put minimize instead of maximizing?



No, the goal is to maximize the profit while not using more than the available resources.

The solution that Solver found in your worksheet does that.