line break not working

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RE: To start a new line of text or add spacing between lines or paragraphs of text in a worksheet cell, press CONTROL + OPTION + RETURN to insert a line break


I have recently updated to Mac OS Monterey and have Excel v16 and the line break doesn't seem to be working. I have restarted Xcel.

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Found this with a browser search:


``In Excel 365 for Mac, you can also use Option + Return. Option is the equivalent of the Alt key on Windows, so it seems the original Windows shortcut (Alt + Enter) now works for Mac too.``


I'm not familiar with Excel for Mac, and I do not have Excel for Mac (or even a Mac) to try this myself.

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Yes, that worked! Thank you.

NOTHING works for me. I've wasted half of my day. I'm moving to Pages. To heck with Microsoft.
This is BS. It doesn't work on my LOGITECH KEYBOARD but it works with my laptop keyboard. This corporation could care less about its end users. And guess what? I'm done with Microsoft. This has been a ten-year abusive relationship and I'm out.