Line break in cell not working properly

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I have a .csv file that I'm importing into Excel. There is a column named "Known" that lists a number of devices, separated by a new line. The .csv file is generated by an SQL query that separates the entries in the cell in the column "Known" by CHAR(13) + CHAR(10). However, after the import Excel doesn't display the line breaks between the products. The line breaks are there because when I double click on the cell, Excel re-formats the cell and it puts all entries on a new line. 


Is there a way to display the line breaks automatically without manual intervention? And then, ideally, without having to process each cell individually as this takes a lot of time for thousands of cells. 

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Make sure that you turn on 'Wrap Text' for these cells.


On the left: 'Wrap Text' off.

On the right: 'Wrap Text' on.

@HansVogelaar That worked, thank's for your help!