Limitations of the Spreadsheets Compare tool

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I was excited when I found out about the Spreadsheets Compare tool, as it would allow us to review changes to forms used in production (regulated environment).
But then disappointed that it has some feature gaps that significantly affect us:

  1. It does not include any reports about the changes to the Data Validation rules - this is a significant gap as input validation is a common requirement.  (BTW, Excel itself doesn't make it easy to review Data Validations, the only solution I've found is Find&Select->GoToSpecial... allowing you to select all cells with a (or with the same) data validation).
       Could this be added?
  2. It does not look into changes to Conditional Formatting: this is less critical, as it is often reasonable to review "Conditional Formatting Rules Manager" views side-by-side, but it's still a gap.
  3. Notes and Comments are less critical ... but worth mentioning as unsupported.

Is this tool still in active development?  Any chance of seeing it be extended?

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