Leave the Cell Blank When Either Cell is Empty

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Hi All,


I would like to know how to leave the cell D4 empty (Don't want to show "Don't match") when either cell B4 or C4 is not filled? Same goes the row 5 as well.




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=IF(OR(B3="",C3=""),"","Don't match")

You can try this formula.

Don't match.JPG 

Hi @Quadruple_Pawn,


Is there any method to achieve this combination? When both values are the same, display "Match". When 1 value is not inserted, don't display. When values are not matched, display "Don't Match".




I have successfully found the answer:

=IF(OR(B3="",C3=""),"",IF(EXACT(B3,C3),"Match","Don't match"))