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Like in Photoshop, does Excel have layers.?. In one of my files, I want some of the data visible only to me.

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I am not sure if that is available.  I have used about 4 different methods to do what you want to do.

Put your desired hidden info on a new tab, then hide the sheet.  On your shared page, have the formulas reference the worksheet and cells that have the information you want to display.  In each case you would want to do a page protect so someone does not change your cells.  Our accountants used to put the references in hidden columns on the same page.  Another way is to put the information on the same page, do a cell protection on it and turn the info the same color as the background (white default). Lastly you can set up a spreadsheet just for the info and reference that workbook to retrieve the values you want.  The last one is cumbersome because anyone using the spreadsheet will need to have the info available for the main sheet to reference.  It is a good Idea to lock all the cells that the user should not be editing/changing using the page/sheet protection feature.  I have had to fix sheets too many times because of a deleted value or misplaced info.