Large space suddenly appeared between formula bar & A1 - HELP!?

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I don't know what happened or how to fix this. Suddenly I have a large space between the formula bar and the beginning of my spreadsheet (A1) and I can only read about 3 lines of information. Not only did this happen on the spreadsheet I was working on but it spread to ALL of my workbooks, including when I I tried to open a brand new one. It's like Excel itself went crazy. What happened & how can I fix this?



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@Anonomous_300 Thank you so much!  It worked like a charm :)

I did this, then I saw and deleted the restricted workbook ribbon. Deleting this ribbon fixed the problem. I then recheck the formula bar to return to normal.

@Sherri Lawry  I had this problem and I wasn't finding the right answers on line so I started playing around. I tried clicking on Display Settings at the bottom right and chose "Optimize for compatibility" instead of "Optimize for best appearance". I had to shut down Excel and when I reopened the workbook the white space was gone.




This helpled.  I dragged the open XLS, with the large white area between the formula bar and the actual spreadsheet, from my external monitor ( I run with 2 external monitors in addition to my laptop screen) to my laptop screen and POOF! the large white area went away.  I then was able to drag it back to my external monitor and it stayed in great shape!!  Thanks!


Thank you, this immediately fixed the double spacing formula bar problem.
This was exactly the issue....this bugged me for weeks and I'm so glad it's gone now. Thank you!

@RonnieM05 Do you have an add-in or labeling algorithm that could be trying to post messages in that area? I found that our IT department has added a script to label content, and these seem to be popping up in a space between the formula bar and the spreadsheet.

@Anonomous_300, what do you mean by in office 360, there is an option.....
I am not able to find office360 in my laptop

This worked great thank you! @asgk009 

  Select restore to previous versions by right-clicking the Excel file icon. @Sherri Lawry 

@Sherri Lawry  I have a row of small green squares forming a line above my Formula bar. and 3 more green squares over just left of the small "x" you click on to close the window.

Anyone know what causes this and how to cure it?


Finally a solution that holds. Thank you!