Large space suddenly appeared between formula bar & A1 - HELP!?

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I don't know what happened or how to fix this. Suddenly I have a large space between the formula bar and the beginning of my spreadsheet (A1) and I can only read about 3 lines of information. Not only did this happen on the spreadsheet I was working on but it spread to ALL of my workbooks, including when I I tried to open a brand new one. It's like Excel itself went crazy. What happened & how can I fix this?



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Hello Sherri, Appears like you have accidentally expanded the formula bar. Please try Ctrl+Shift+U to collapse the formula bar. If this works fine, then expand formula bar again, right above columns (C,D,E...) you will see the border of expanded formula bar. Try place the pointer at the border to resize to small size, and then collapse again. Hope this helps.


I've had a similar problem and it had randomly appeared one day when I accessed Microsoft Excel for Office 365. When I open up a new workbook, the formula bar has increased in height and I am unable to collapse by dragging it up or even using the CTRL shift U method. In addition to this, the height of every cell has increased to 83.7 for the no apparent reason. I have been unable to find a fix to this and it is extremely inconvenient to use. 

@Sanjay Gandhi 

@Mike_G15 , I guess that's since you have Cambria Math as default font when creating new workbook. Change in File->Options->General on something less specific - Calibri or Arial, whatever

I Have the same problem, the control **bleep** U thing does not work. Only easy but not the best way is to uncheck the formula bar in the view tab.  @SergeiBaklan 

Ran into this problem when using a monitor. 

step 1 bring the fil back to you PC  or laptop and fill the screen

Step 2 in office 360 there is a use option for internal/external.  go to the right and click on the x. this should collape that space entirely.



@Anonomous_300  Thanks, that worked.


It's a monitor issue? How lame. Microsoft, please fix.

@dmsnopekHi, I am having the same issue but cannot find the setting to remove the whit space - can you let me know the steps to find it please?



Thank you! Dragging the window from my monitor to my laptop and then back to my monitor worked for me. The other workaround I found was to close all Excel files, open a New Excel file, then open the file that had the issue.
Hi Everyone, i had the same issue. just found out. go to sensitivity under home in excel. click on the drop down and remove the tick mark from show bar

Thank you this worked! I do use monitors attached to a lap top and it seems this issue only occurs when I open Excel on the extended screen. On the origin screen I can see and close the internal/ external dialogue. It does not appear on the extended screen. @Anonomous_300 

Thank you!!! This is the answer.



I am unable to find the use options, able to guide me on this?

@Sherri Lawry  I had this same problem. It showed up on only 1 page of a workbook. I went to View-Workbook Views- and I changed the setting to normal. Somehow the setting had changed to Custom?  I hope this helps.



I have just had the same issue and found that since our company has started using the Private/Official notification bar, this blank space appeared. I found that just closing this bar by clicking in it, which brings up the Private/Official/Confidential bar, frees up this space again and the spreadsheet is back to normal

Yes! I've had a play around too and discovered it is linked to our security classifications required on all documents. Switching between monitors, removing the notification, and then carrying on appears to sort it all out :)

This was the solution for my issue. Thank you.
Yep. That did it for me. Thanks.