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I have an excel file that is 2,5 GB large. It is not possible to open the file entirely. After approximately 10% excel stops loading.

Is this due to the RAM? or is there a maximum file size? If so, how can I solve this issue?


Thank you!

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Most probably that's RAM. Did you try to download the file and open it from local drive?

@Sergei Baklan 


thanks for the comment.

I loaded the file on the drive of my PC. It loads the complete file into to Power Query. The file has 15 million rows.

excel gives back that the file is to big to fit on a worksheet. Max no. of lines loaded is 1 million.

Is it the limitation of Excel?


Yes, sheet may have max  about 1M rows. You may load to data model only, here is limited only by memory. You may create PivotTable making some aggregations to show in grid, not more. In any case, 4GB of RAM is not comfortable for such operations.