lambda not available in excel 365

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Hi, I have Microsoft office 365 subscribed and it's up to date even though the lambda not available in excel 365, would you help me?


My excel details as below: 



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LAMBDA is available only for Insiders on Beta channel. How to join is here , depends on your subscription.

Now more than one and half  year has passed after its first demonstration in beta for insider in office 365 but not yet released as a general update in office 365 ( business standard edition ).  It's an excellent development, and will be a major change in the way how excel can be used, Any idea when this will be released for all ...? @SergeiBaklan 


I'm not working on Microsoft and don't know exactly what is behind and what are the plans. My guess there are lot of related questions which are not resolved so far. It includes lambda management, lambda editor, etc. That's a headache with using of poor lambdas with name manager, we need more civilised and user friendly environment for lambdas.