LAMBDA Availability?

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When will LAMBDA be available for Excel 365 with monthly updates?

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@Charley Kyd 

Afraid nobody knows, even Microsoft.  Depends on how it'll go with insiders.

@Sergei Baklan 


Thanks, Sergei.

The worst part is that the HELP function in my Excel of Microsoft Office 365 states that LAMBDA function is available.  Please make sure the HELP function aligns with the physical existence of the function. May be a simple clause states that it may or may not be available. Thank you.


Strange. Could you please clarify what do you mean exactly under the "help function" ?

I should say "under the "Help menu". I cannot find "LAMBDA function" in the list of functions or in the list of items in "L" of the Help menu, but I can use the Search inside Help to find LAMBDA function. It has a video introducing LAMBDA with Notes, Syntax and Remarks etc. That search result is very positive and gives me the impression LAMBDA is available in my Excel.

When I use the Name Manager under Formulas menu to establish my new function with LAMBDA. Everything works, but using my new function in Excel will give me an error result - #NAME?

My version of Excel is Version 2107 (Build 14228.20204 Click-to-Run).

Thanks, Stevie


Search under Help is practically the same as search "lambda" in browser. Practically each such page has availability notes.


In general concrete build number is not as important as channel on which you subscribe.  You are now on Current channel Release notes for Current Channel releases - Office release notes | Microsoft Docs , lambdas are announced for Current Preview channel Newest Windows Current Channel (Preview) (