lagtime with excel sheet

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when i copy and paste the sheet will stop responding

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You give very little to go by.

  • How big is the file? How old is your computer?
  • Has it always happened? If not, when did it start?
  • Does it happen with all files or just one? What's distinctive about that file?
  • How much are you copying and pasting?
  • How long is that delay? Is it always the same length?





please check the attached sheet

if i try to cut and paste it stops



You are a person of few words, I must say. It helps to give a more complete description.


WHAT are you cutting and pasting? Cut from where? Paste where? How much?


I did a quick cut and paste with no problem. So it's not the simple operation of cut and paste in that spreadsheet. If you go back to my first post after your first, you'll see that I asked a number of other questions. Add those new ones above to that list. Give us all a more complete description, so we have something to work with.



its a new computer

we have our own server

it started happening last year and the indonesian helpers didnt help so i gave up

anyway every year i have a spreadsheet for my export season and before we switched to this new microsoft account it used to work fine

cut and paste if i cut and paste lines 10 at a time to adjust shipments it stops

if i copy and paste same it stops , if i try copy and paste a portion it hangs the sometime stops

all in the same sheet

if i copy and paste into different sheet it stops

the sheet i sent you try cut and paste all of zonda into a new sheet if it works, ill have it back, it wouldnt do it for me.

if you can dial into my computer please do then i can show you

i have another main spreadsheet i work on that showed 4521KB and used to hang so i cut sheet out into other sheets and after a process of elimination on of the sheets is 3843KB and the balance are 687KB so that has sorted my issue for my main sheet but it still has a delay but minor


the sheet i sent you is 533KB way to big for what it has as the 687KB has way more detail and about 5sheets


the delay time is more than 4mins as i get frustrated and shut it down






Thanks for the details. Unfortunately, I have no trouble cutting and pasting the entire ZONDA section. So whatever is wrong, it's not the spreadsheet per se.


Just so you know, for future reference, I used to teach scientists and others how to do diagnostic thinking, for the purpose of trying to identify the cause of an unexplained deviation from expected results. The process begins with a set of what we'd call Diagnostic Questions. That set of questions that I first sent you was a representative sample--tailored to your presenting problem--to get a more complete picture of the nature of the problem, where and when it occurred, the extent or magnitude of it They were not just idle curiosity.


A simple statement such as yours at the beginning (when i copy and paste the sheet will stop responding) could be compared to going into a doctor and saying "I have a pain in my left arm," and expecting the doctor to treat you with no more data. A doctor could, indeed, give you the aspirin that worked with the last patient, let's say. But the doctor would be risking malpractice...pain in the left arm can be caused by all kinds of things, from a bruise up to and including heart attack. That's why doctors ask more -- guess what -- diagnostic questions AND do some physical exams and even lab tests once they've started to narrow down the possible causes.


I'd like to be able to help more, but I'm just a private individual--not a Microsoft employee--responding to questions like yours sort of as a hobby in my retirement. Don't have the ability of a full IT professional to log into your computer (as you asked about) and get more hands-on experience, or more diagnostic data.


A question I didn't ask, but will now: do you also use other Microsoft programs (Word, Power Point). Does cut & paste work well with them when they're large files?  The fact that you've had similar but less extensive problems with another spreadsheet does suggest to me---this is just a hypothesis, not a complete diagnosis--that your computer may have limited processing capacity in some way.


I can't send the file back. I'll delete it from my computer. You may want to wait and see if anybody else here--any of the other volunteers--has any ideas. Or you can just edit your post and delete the sample sheet. That's all up to you.