Knowing Power Query function version compatibility

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Hi All,


While developing Power Query queries, how can I know whether the functions I'm using are available in the different versions of Excel? 

For example: how can I know that Text.BetweenDelimiters is only available in Office 365? 

While Excel functions are clearly documented in Microsoft website from this aspect, I can't find  anything similar for M Query.


Thank you 

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Hi @Excelrati 

...I can't find anything similar for M Query


You're not the only one and the same applies to DAX. The only thing I can offer is the following query that lists the functions available on the Excel version where it's executed


    // #shared library excluding this workbook's Queries & custom functions
    Source = Record.ToTable(
    SelectedTypeFunction = Table.SelectRows(Source, each [Value] is function),
    RemovedValue = Table.SelectColumns(SelectedTypeFunction, {"Name"}),
    SortedRows = Table.Sort(RemovedValue,{{"Name", Order.Ascending}})


Thank you for the response.
It's sad to hear this is not available.
I'll use the workaround you provided.
Thanks again :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: