keyboard shortcut issue with latin american layout Macbook.

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Hi everyone. 


I have Office 365 installed on my Macbook with latin american keyboard. The problem is when I tried to use the key shortcut shift+ctrl+0 to unhide columns, but it doesn't work, excel instead insert 3 columns.


When I tried to custom the keyboard (Tool->Customize keyboard) I figure out that something weird is happening. When I press the Shift+Ctrl+0 trying to set a new shortcut for the Unhide column, on the screen appears a different key combinatio, it pops up "Shift+ctrl+=" and when I press Shift+Ctrl+9 on the screen pops up "Shift+Ctrl+0". I tried with all combinations from Shift+Ctrl+1 to 0 and with the 6 appear the same problem, it pops up "/" instead 6. 


In other apps and on MacOS shortcut options the key combinations works perfect. The issue is only with office 365 apps.


I've re-installed the whole suite and is with the last upgrades. 


Please help. It's very annoying.



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