key presing


Hi all

is there any whey to get excel pres keys whit vba or any other whey 


I need something like this 




Thanks in advance 

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You can use the SendKeys method in your VBA code, to simulate keystrokes that you would manually input in the active window.


You may refer this page 



sorry im not that goods whit vba

is there any chance you can write the vba ?


Don´t ask without efford for your own benefits. When you are showing others here, that you are trying to get your task done and you are struggling with it, someone is also willing to help you. It´s a common thing to learn someting new. For instance you can explore the various videos on VBA Recording methods on YouTube to record your steps and save it to your workbook, like this: Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Macros Using Excel VBA - YouTube

If your workbook is stored online like in OneDrive or SharePoint, i suggest you learn the new Office Scripts Editor within your Excel Web App, when your Workbook is opened online (office 365 in your Browser).

Have a nice sunday. And with respect: start with YOUR Task today, first.


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@Eva Vogel 



The only reason i'm asking in the forum is that i try it  already 

red about  it and research it and still could not do it 

Than You 

@beikme You can describe what you got and what you are willing to to with your Table or Workbook or Worksheet. Your shortcut list is not enough. You can instead write down, what you have like

"1) I have this list with these columns and these column types: ...

2) I want to do this: ..." .... etc.

3) Finally the stuff should look as the next screenshot / the following: ... " 


Give us more food, then we can help you


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Yes I'm well versed with vba,,, but since you are not confident enough then is not good do pick that option. And let me say that vba is the ultimate option for Key Press !!