Keep getting "Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas."

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Hi everybody,


I would like to humbly seek your help with the attached excel file which I suddenly encountered the error message "Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas.".


I have googled on this problem and tried all the suggestions (for e.g. Change number of calculation threads, using "Trace Error" to check on formulas, etc) but all to no avail.


I've accessed this same excel file on another PC and still encountered the same error message.
However, other excel files do not pop up this error.

Really appreciate help on this please.


Thank you.


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I suggest to replace all references to entire columns with actual cell addresses including the row numbers. Your data seems to span one year so you can replace $A:$A with $A$2:$A$367 in all your elaborate COUNTIFS formulas.
NB: Please check the formula in cell Q5 on the Courses sheet, it is different from the ones above it and below it.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Hi, thanks for your reply to my thread!
Noted on cell Q5 on the Courses sheet, thanks for highlighting that :)
As per your suggestions, I've replaced $A:$A with $A$2:$A$367 in the COUNTIFS formulas, but gotten #VALUE! instead. 
Not quite sure what's happening here.

You need to do the same for all entire column references in the formulas. Make sure they all point to the same rows as well.

Did that but still get the same error