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Hello, All!


I am a retired homebody with a lot of time on my hands and I am currently trying to design and implement an application, using Excel, to provide the end user with an easy way to calculate the making of a quilt - that's right, nothing high tech or complicated.


So, that being said, I am using a PC/Windows 11 Pro (Version 21H2) with Microsoft 365, Excel Version 2211 (Build 15831.20208 Click-to-Run).


Here's what I would like the app to do:


    1. Allow the end user to Choose the Size of their quilt, Choose the Size of their Block and Choose a Block (or Blocks) to use in constructing the quilt.

    2. Using images of Blocks (I have made a few of these images) provide a visual context for their finished quilt (based on their choices).

    3. Provide the end user a materials list for their quilt project.


OK, with all of that in mind, I know it is quite ambitious.  But, I am not looking for someone to do all this for me, I just need some guidance and maybe some "training" on the mechanics and concepts of Excel.


Here's the spreadsheet I have,



Welcome to the Quilt Program
In this application, you can design a quilt, determine supplies needed and customize your creation.
Note: All dimensions are inches!
  Choose the Size of Your Quilt:Queen     
     Custom Size  
Based on your Selection, this is the size of your quilt:WidthLengthWidthLength  
90966060If you chose Other, Please enter the dimensions here!
If you choose to add borders to your quilt, choose the width here:Border 1Border 2    
00Choose 0, if no Border is needed, or if only 1 Border is used  
Next, Choose the size of your Blocks:      
This the number of blocks you will need:   Total Blocks  
99 81  
The finished dimension of your quilt will be:WidthLength    
Based on these calculation you will need approximately the Following:  
  Top of Quilt Fabric:6 1/4ydsNote: These estimations are based on the area of the quilt, and don't consider things like seam allowances, etc. 
  Batting:6 3/4yds 
  Backing:6 1/2yds 
  Binding: 3/4yds 


The Choices are Based on Data Validation (List, Range of Cells).  and all of the formulas reference the choices. 

I think this will accomplish most of Point number 1 of my expectations.


My problem is this - how to manipulate images to construct the visual concept of the quilt.

Card TrickShapes
A (White)  48 
B (Mauve)  24 
C (Green)  24 
D (Red)  24 
E (Blue)  24 
Block Size
Choose Block Size:12  
Finished Column Width:2     
Finished Row Height:2     
Seam Allowance: 1/4  
Raw HST Size:2 1/2  
Cut Fabric Size:3 1/4Individual 



This is the Block worksheet (the image is just that - floating on the worksheet)


I want to arrange the images, so how do I make the images objects that I can incorporate into formulas?


Don't know if its possible - but maybe some one has some ideas


Thanks for your consideration!





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I want to arrange the images, so how do I make the images objects that I can incorporate into formulas?

The IMAGE function may be of use to you with this project.  It's been rolling out to users recently and you may have access to it.

IMAGE function - Microsoft Support

Thanks Patrick2788!
I did a quick trial - the IMAGE function requires "The URL path, using an "https" protocol, of the image file. Required. Supported file formats include BMP, JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, ICO, and WEBP."
My images are on my local computer - where do I find a "URL path" for them. I tried to put the path on my computer but apparently I need an address with the "https" protocol.
How do I accomplish that?

Again Thanks for your reply!