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I am using 2019 version of Microsoft Office with subscription. I wanted to transform the Json data (downloaded in my computer) to excel. I am supposed to use "new query" button under "Data" function according to some discussion in the forum. But there is no such "new query" there. Please refer to the photo attached.  Any suggestion? Thanks.




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I read the website: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/import-and-shape-data-in-excel-for-mac-power-query-7b2f33...
But in my mac version of excel, under the data button, there is nothing like Get Data, Choose data source – Get Data (Power Query) , etc. Why my version of office looks so simple?
there is no power query either. What happens? I am using a Microsoft 365, it is supposed to be up to date.

@WANGJ20036 Did you join the Insider program?



I just joined and choose the beta channel (preview) and then beta channel and updated the excel. Seems nothing changed, the function under data is still very simple. no power query, no Get Data. I am really confused. What could we do? How could we get those functions?

@WANGJ20036 All you can do is wait. You will get it at some point. Can't tell when.

This is what MS says about it in the blog post that announced PQ for the Mac:





JSON is available to SOME beta testers. The number of beta testers included in the test is likely to grow with each week's update, so make sure you are set up to get the weekly beta channel update.


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