joining seperate formula into 1 cell

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Hi all

I have 3 separate formula's that work individually and wish to join them into 1 cell. how is this done correctly? these are the 3 separate formula:



=IF(300<F15<= 5000,0.0589*(F15)^0.5897,IF(300<F15,0.0589*(F15)^0.5897))

I want it to look something like this, so it assess the cell with the 3 variable options ie 15 or less, 300 or less, over 300:

=IF(F15=0,0,IF(F15=1,0.1,IF(F15<=15,-0.0027*(F15)^2+0.0719*(F15)+0.1098))) ? IF(15<F15<=300,0.2337*(F15)^0.345,IF(15<F15,0.2337*(F15)^0.345)) ? IF(300<F15<= 5000,0.0589*(F15)^0.5897,IF(300<F15,0.0589*(F15)^0.5897))

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@Alphawolf1 ,


That could be like

=IF(F15=1, 0.1,
     IF(F15 > 15,


@Sergei Baklan 

absolutely brilliant, that works..

many thanks, much appreciated.

@Alphawolf1 , you are welcome

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