JAWS not able to read form control buttons

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I have a Workbook (2016) where few buttons are present. While doing the accessibility testing we found that the JAWS was not able to read the button text. The form control button is not associated with any cell.


How can we make JAWS read the button text? What is the best way to make JAWS read the button text? 

Is there any way we could figure out if we are using screen reader mode using excel VBA?

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I had the same issue and did not yet find a solution. 

However, you can add context menus and menu items which represent the button's action.

Alternatively add some hotkeys to trigger the button's actions. Document the hotkeys somewhere, so Jaws users can learn them. Maybe as a hint within the context menu items, such as "Send (Shift+Ctrl+S)".


I would also appreciate the buttons (and other COM objects put on top of the cells) would become accessible by default.