Iterate and print Min and Max numbers in dynamic range

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    I've set of values in the attached excel (i.e. A to E).  Using the data, i prepared column F to differentiate blank or non blank cells.  Now, i wanted to print the min/max numbers from the given data between the 1x1 in column G.  For ex:, When the loop finds the value 1 at G6, next 1is at G10.  So i need the Min&Max value of all the data between B7:E10.  Similarly across the document.  Here the catch is neither the data nor the range is constant.  Reference file attached for more details, kindly help.  Thanks in advance.

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In G2:


In H2:


Fill down.

Thank you for your quick response. But the formula considering the data of only B & D columns. The requirement is to consider A, B, C & D columns. Kindly update.
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You mentioned "So i need the Min&Max value of all the data between B7:E10". E contains duplicates of columns to the left, so I omitted it. Now you want A to D...


In G2:


In H2:


These formulas look at columns A, B, C and D, not just A and D.

Thanks a ton Hans Vogelaar for your kind help. It's fulfilling my requirement now. Thanks again for your quick and kind help.