Issues with Time Comparisons *First Time Excel User*

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I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. I am trying to make an excel sheet for me to use at work that will help greatly with day to day tasks. I have spent the last 10 hours searching google and speaking with an AI to help make the sheet I need. I know basically nothing about excel so I heavily relied on the AI, although it seems to have worked well so far. I can't tell how much progress has been made, as I don't know what all needs to be done, but I feel like I'm at least 50% done?.


What I'm trying to do: Make a sheet that will filter the information of facilities I work with, the corresponding days and times that I work them, and have it compare the current date/time on my computer to the time ranges given for the corresponding day for all facilities, and automatically compile a list of which facilities I will be working with at whatever time it is. The time range can vary heavily from day to day (however the weekly schedule stays the same) so there are many cells with different time ranges. There are 41 different facilities (technically 39, but 2 of the facilities have a certain department that has their own times, so I just made a row for them as well)


What I've done:

-Column A is the list of facility names

-Columns B-H list days of the week (S-S),

-Column I has 4 cells (1 for the current date/time generated by my computer, 1 for the current day it is [don't remember why this was added], 1 for current time [again, don't know why this was added], and 1 which I'm TRYING to get to compare the current time against the time ranges listed for each day at each facility. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I'm having an issue with the time comparison. I spent so many hours with this AI trying DOZENS of different formulas and manual fixes to get it to work, and it just won't. Eventually it said "Sorry, I'm out of ideas, go contact someone else". So here I am.


Tried Solutions: Closing and Re-opening app, trying formulas in the web-version, quick repair, verified region info, verified formatting for time ranges, verified spelling, no extra spaces, no hidden icons, verified correct category for each cell.


I'm happy to give formulas used for each cell if it helps. Just please help me :cry:


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@csmythe101 Can you share the file you have (make sure it doesn't contain sensitive information)?

@Jan Karel Pieterse I’m happy to do that! Although, I’m at work and I logged onto this Microsoft account, but I can’t seem to find my post to be able to message you with a link. I’m using my cell phone right now lol

JK! I got it to work on my computer; It seems I can only send it with viewer permission if I have your email. Would you like to send me that so I can share it with you? (No offense but I'm hesitant to give a spreadsheet I've worked on for 14 hours to an internet stranger lol)

@csmythe101 Totally understand the reluctancy! for that reason, I request you remove any sensitive information before sahring with me. You can find my email address at the footer of my website