Issues with Auto Fill Options in Excel

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My Auto Fill Options in Excel stopped working and I don't know why. Please help! Below are steps I have already taken but unfortunately, I still do not have my Auto Fill Options available.

solve 1: File --> Options --> Advanced -->selected Enable fill handle and cell drag-and drop check box 

solve 2: File --> Options --> Advanced -->selected Enable AutoComplete for cell values check box 

I just want my Auto Fill Options back. If anyone has a solution please help.

For reference, below is what I am looking to have back.



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Auto Fill Options

The fact that the numbers are not filled in automatically may be due to the filter.
If sheet you are experiencing the issue on currently has a filter applied, you won't be able to use the Fill Series feature. It will only copy the top value down.

So in order to enable or re-enable autofill series or numbers by clicking on the bottom corner right of the cell and dragging it down/across, remove whatever filter there is at the top of its table.

Otherwise you might keep getting stuck with a Quick Analysis pop up option which wont help the autofill even if you remove it from options.

Important additional information:

How To Fix Excel Fill Handle Not Working Issue?

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Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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@NikolinaDE I am going to try this! Thank you SO MUCH!!



It never ceases to amaze me how microsoft makes their product worse as versions are released. This functionality was 100% available in previous releases.

same here. I think that they are all on heavy drugs.