Issue writing a correct formula

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I'm struggling to create a formula to do what I need it to do.


I have 2 sheets in a workbook. Sheet 1 has a list of names and mailing addresses without email addresses. Sheet 2 has a more extensive list of names and mailing addresses that also includes email addresses.


My goal is to populate email addresses into Sheet 1, so I want to make a formula that references Sheet 2, and if there is a match I want to populate the emails with the same person in Sheet 1.


Here's the logic that I am trying to put in Sheet 1 Cell J2:

If text in Sheet1 cell B2 matches text in Sheet2 Column B and if text in Sheet1 cell A2 matches text in Sheet2 Column A, then Sheet1 cell J2 would then populate with the matching email address in Sheet 1 Column J.


Attached is an example sheet. Thank you in advance!

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=FILTER('With Email'!$J$2:$J$11,('With Email'!$A$2:$A$11=A2)*('With Email'!$B$2:$B$11=B2),"no email")