Issue with sum in excel

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Hi All, 


When im using the excel function to calculate the numbers, the formula gives me zero

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@LaurenceV And which function would that be?

i just checked and looks like my excel only display in the status bar count instead of average, sum etc.. basically when i have a . it recognizes the column as text

@LaurenceV You mean something like this, in the bottom right hand corner of the screen?

Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 14.50.05.png

If you only see "Count: ... ", the cells selected, indeed, contain only texts.


You wrote "when I have a . it recognizes....". Does this mean you are typing numbers with a decimal point? Perhaps your local settings require a comma as the decimal indicator.

where is the local setting to change this please
Basically i dowloaded a report from Google adwords and the numbers contain decimal point instead of comma so i would like to change this for all the column automatically. i tried already change this with text to column and it didnt work

@LaurenceV Use Find and Replace. Ctrl-H. Find . (=dot), Replace with , (=comma)