Issue with signing in to Money in Excel. Message saying "Something went wrong"


Unable to sign into the Money in Excel Add-in. It is giving an error, something went wrong


Following message comes up after hitting the Sign In button:

"AuthService::collectOfficeSsoApiTelementry 3d51e5e9-db75-1e04-fe8f-f0f503051c3f User provisioning failed {code: 'bad_token', message: 'No matching private keys for the jwe_token'}"




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@mmauro1982  I have had the same problem for more than a week now.  I have tried rebooting my PC.  Changing passwords, uninstalling the Money In Excel addin and then reinstalling but nothing has worked.   As usual, there is no real help anywhere on Microsoft Websites and all the posted help is not useful/does not work.   Money In Excel is not due to go away until June of 2023 so I don't think this should be the reason. 

Me too. Did MS shut down Money in Excel 4 months early?
Following a recommendation in Troubleshooting instructions, I opened a new copy of the Money in Excel template using the Excel web app. I then tried to log into my MiE account and again received the same message - "Something went wrong. Please try to sign in again." I suspect MS shut down Money in Excel four months early.


Agreed!  I had tried creating a new spreadsheet too.   Nothing works.  I also suspect that Microsoft shutdown access 4+ months earlier than they stated.   

Well I decided to try logging into Money In Excel again today and now it has magically started working again. That is I no longer received the "Something Wen Wrong" error message and I was able to connect to my accounts and download new transactions.