Issue with referencing the correct cell In excel within a formula

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Im working on a file at work. I have 2 tabs in an excel file. Tab 1 contains an imported XML file. Tab 2 contains some excel formulas that looks at data from Tab 1 to bring into Tab 2. However, whenever I refresh the imported XML file in tab 1, and refresh the formulas in Tab 2 it keeps changing and jumps to reference the next blank cell. For example, In cell A1 in tab 2, I have a formula to pull in data from col $H2 from tab 1 instead it changes to reference col $H3105 when I refreshed the imported xml file from tab 1 and formulas from tab 2. So I checked the data set in tab 1 and the data ends at row 3104. How can I resolve this issue so my formulas reference the start of the data set in tab 1? Could this be because excel doesn’t recognize the imported xml file as a different format?
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Hey I have a solution for the same problem. Please provide the Excel file and I will help you out with this
Thank you, since it a work file on my work machine I won’t be able to provide it.

Will you be able to give me instructions on how I can possibly resolve this?

Thanks again.
Ok then first create two tables
Ok, I will send something over during the week. Thanks again
I know this post is a little old, but I have the same issue as OP. Could you please contact for assistance or post here what the fix is for this issue?

@Angelus_Mortis You can connect with me on my mail Id or message me personally I will solve the issue