Issue with IFS Formula

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I am trying to use an IFS formula to automatically populate a cell when another cell is a certain value.  This is my formula: =IFS(F80="MD","1",F80="Self","2",F80="Other_Clinician","3",F80="PFRC","4",F80="Other","5").  It is working for all but two of the options: "Self" and "Other Clinician".  What in the world is going on?! I used the drag formula option to populate the cells in the example below so you could see what is happening for those two options.


Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 11.50.46 AM.png

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The formula (translated into german) works as expected. Can you check if there are extra spaces in the cells with "Self" and "Other_Clinician". Maybe there is "Self " and "Other_Clinician " with a space in the end.