Issue with Icon Set in Conditional Formatting

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The colour of the icons are just not reflecting the instruction which i had input. Please refer to attachment.


Could it be the setting is wrong or my software issue ?


Hope you can hep guide fast.


Thank you.




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Hi Jocephin,


Yes, it'wrong setting. Please use Number in rule and values as 1.0, 0.8 to define the ranges. If you use Type percent it means percent of the cell value, not what you cells formatted as %. For example, if you have 76% in the cell and your rule says to make green values more than 100 percents that menas more than 100% of 0.76.


Please see attached with corrected rules.

@Sergei Baklan This is still an issue in 2019 and really needs to be fixed. We run into it all the time. It is an error in Excel's programming. Shocked that Microsoft has let this error go on this long!


Technically there is no error here - you use value, percent of value, or formula which calculates based on value. I could agree that the name of the second column with bars ("Type") is not correct and could confuse and forward to association with values types (number, date, percent, currency, etc).

Technically, Excel doesn't know how to correctly handle percents and produces incorrect outcomes. This is basic functionality we install into our fourth graders. Unfortunately, programmers never accept that there is a bug. I used to manage the marketing and product development processes development for Intuit's consumer tax division. We'd call this a bug. Not even sure that it's reasonable to disagree. If we were talking about it in person I'd mock you to your face. Get it fixed.

This has not yet fixed yet -- creates confusion for the general user  -- Kindly rectify this towards user friendly approach