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I am using the up/down arrow "form control" in a spread sheet. I have noticed that the buttons work fine for a while but then begin to behave erratically as follows: 1) They either become completely unresponsive or 2) Both behave as "up" arrows.


As a "fix", sometimes the error seems to correct itself at random, or when I click away from the current tab, or when I save the file and then re-opened it - there seems to be no rhyme or reason to this! However, even then the issue soon re-occurs. 


I have been using this feature for a long time without encountering this problem. 


Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Is this an Excel bug?


Thank you. 

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What if you remove it and insert a new one? In my experience, controls can start misbehaving without prior notice. I try to avoid them other than perhaps a simple button.

@Jan Karel Pieterse


I have, but that does not help.


Regarding your second comment, I have been using spinners for my educational spreadsheets for many years and have never encountered a similar issue.  


FYI, when I open the spreadsheet in an old computer which has windows 10, this issue  does not replicate and the spinners work fine, even after many tries. In fact, I had a colleague test the spinners on his computer (also on Windows 10) with the same result.


Any thoughts?

I would use Help, Feedback, I don't like something. That is always a good idea as it notifies MSFT of things that go wrong.