Issue with Excel Formula for Date Range format

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I have a power automate that is use to upload a UTC to my excel table. This is used to track when an invoice is received if the invoice is not received within the certain date it reads true and nothing happens if false it sends an email.


Excel accepts my formula but doesnt read it as a date. Here are some screen shots. 


Any Ideas? 

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Such formula


returns the text, not date. To convert into actual date just add +0 at the end of the formula or warp it by DATEVALUE().

As variant on Power Automate site convert datetime zone into date like

formatDateTime(body()?['Date'], 'yyyy-MM-dd')

i wrapped it in datevalue but still the formula doesnt work with figuring out if the date falls within the range given.

this is the formula im using it is missing something?
=AND([@[Invoice Date Received]]>$I$1,[@[Invoice Date Received]]<$H$1)
I fixed it on the power automate side. thank you so much for the help with this. truly appreciated!

@Nicktrom55 , you are welcome