Issue with currency automatically changing to dollars

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I'm finding that the currency for a whole sheet automatically changes from £pounds to $dollars. 

This doesn't happen to the whole workbook,

This change happens to all currency formatted cells to an entire random sheet within the workbook.  It happens to excel documents saved on Sharepoint and which are accessed by multiple users within the organisation (all users are UK based though and no one will be using the dollar currency).  No user will have been manually changing all the currency cells from £s to $s so it must be a bug or excel settings issue.

Any ideas what might be causing this.

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@PeterR_TS Unless specifically set, the currency format is taken from the user's international settings. If you've used the Currency button on Excel's Start tab, that is precisely what happens. What you want to do is format the cells with a currency to a specific currency type:


@Jan Karel Pieterse great!  that makes sense.  thanks