Issue with CSV Export in Microsoft Excel

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Hi Team,
I am currently facing an issue with Microsoft Excel.
I have a spreadsheet with column named "Sprint" and values are formatted as text, such as "23.20". When I attempt to save the sheet as a CSV file, the formatting for the "Sprint" column is not being preserved. Specifically, the value "23.20" is being saved as "23.2" which is incorrect because I also have a sprint with name "23.2". I have tried changing the CSV file's column formatting to text, but the issue persists; the value reverts to "23.2" after closing and reopening the file.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue.


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Hi @Sonali123456 


I don't think there's an issue but suspect you open the CSV with Excel. If instead you open it with a Text editor like Notepad you should see something like:



In Excel A2:A5 cells are formatted as Text

Hi @L z. 

Yaah I already tried that, when I open it as notepad or any text editor, I am able to read my actual values.

but my REST API accepts a CSV file (Read the csv file and upload the data in DB) when I try to provide this csv file as input to my API the value getting saved in DB is '23.2' instead of '23.20'

Hi @Sonali123456 


So it's not an Excel to CSV issue, it's your API that "tranforms" the values

Do you know if the API would accept, as input, values between simple/double quotes, i.e. '23.20' or "23.20"?

Hi @L z.
it's an issue with Excel to CSV conversion. API reads the value as it is mentioned in the csv file.



Hi @Sonali123456 


Same as my post from ‎Feb 06 2024 01:12 PM - I get what you expect - saved as UTF-8 or "classic" CSV (files attached):




But we might not be on the same page. In Welcome to your Excel discussion space! you're asked to provide Excel version + OS. Except if I missed it, you haven't provided this info. yet


Excel for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2402 Build 16.0.17328.20068) 64-bit / Windows 11 23H2 here