Issue with creating an external reference (link) to a cell range in another workbook

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Context: Using web version of Excel in web version of OneDrive. Linking workbooks in different folders in OneDrive


I am trying to link a receiving workbook (will be receiving data) with a source workbook (data source) and I am having an odd issue.


When I am linking the source workbook into the receiving, the link generated will not link properly to the source. I am following the steps that are listed out via the support page, with right clicking "Copy" on the source cell and clicking "Paste Link" on the receiving cell. When I do that, the receiving workbook says that it can not find that source workbook with the link created.


If I save the workbook in the same folder as the source workbook, I am able to link them with no issues. The issue comes into play when I try to do different workbooks in different folders.


Any insight that can be given for this would be greatly appreciated. 

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Is that OneDrive for Business? In general link works even if file is on another location (e.g. SharePoint site).

@Sergei Baklan 

It is normal OneDrive, this issue does affect all users who have access to the OneDrive folder that we share.


They are both normal, unfortunately I have no experience with OneDrive Personal.