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I made an initial contact with support but they were unable to help me. I have Excel for Mac version 16.33. I am trying to use the camera function to place an object from one sheet onto another sheet in the same workbook. The camera function works great with tables but with graphs, I am having an issue. The issue is the one seen here in this link where the image is all zoomed in and funky.


I have tried updating and restarting my computer. I have tried putting the image on the same worksheet I took the image from. I have tried manually altering the cell ranges of the picture. I have tried messing with the various cropping options. No luck. I am hoping that there is a way to fix this issue. I think I am not the only one in my class having it. 


Thanks for your help. 

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Also on a Mac. Worked on a similar issue recently on this forum. Noticed that the picture-link only took the top left quarter of the original, as shown in your link. Couldn't figure it out. Now I came up with a work around that may be acceptable until this gets fixed. And it's not as drastic as re-installing Office.

Create four identically sized cells (i.e. a 2 X 2 range like in the picture) and place your original picture in the top left cell. Then reference the linked picture to those four cells.

Screenshot 2020-02-09 at 07.19.16.png

@Riny_van_Eekelen This worked! It took some futzing around but it worked! Thank you!


Great! You don't wanna know how much "futzing" I did, before I cleared my mind and cooked up this work-around. I guess it's Mac specific.

I do know. I futzed for several hours before giving in. Funny I did mess with some of the cell sizes but I had not thought of your workaround.


I think everyone else having the issue in class was using a MAC. I am surprised such a buggy issue has gone unaddressed this long? 



Tried this now on an old iMac (High Sierra, 10.13.6) . No problems. Works perfectly. But on my MacBook Pro (late 2012), running Catalina - 10.15.3, it does not. Mmmm....

I use mac book pro.  In MS excel camera doesn't work properly.  After the selection of cells for camera caption, when I paste it, only part of selected cells are being pasted in an enlarged / zoom version. remaining camera captured portion doesn't show at all. Tried several ways, restrart etc., seems there is a bug.