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I am facing issue with format of excel sheet. As seen from attached png file, there is no format applied in cell D9 as appearing in formula bar. However, the value in cell appears/updates as if it has been "Aligned" to right. The same excel sheet is also attached to make you better understand. The values in column D in excel will not appear as there is reference to my local sheets in cell D2:D9. The values in cell D2:D9 is pasted as values in column E. However after pasting as values, there appears to be space before the value in cell E2:E9 which is not a case with cell D2:D9.


I wish that cell D2:D9 should be appearing straight and without aligning to right.

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The cells in D2 and down are linked to another workbook GGA DReport (2021 Budget).xlsx.

You'll have to remove the leading spaces in that workbook, or change the formula:


=TRIM('C:\Users\ienovo\Downloads\[GGA DReport (2021 Budget).xlsx]BSLINK'!E97)

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Thanks alot. All set now.