Issue a format cell with Feet, Inches and decimal

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I have a hard time to format cell with Feet, Inch(es) and decimal (.##)

##' ##.##" (Example: 100' 9.25")

I have work the field event with distance (shot put, discus, hammer and javelin) and height (high jump and pole vault) in English measurement


Shot Put
Rank.     Name       Grade. Distance.      Year. Notes
1.         John Doe   11        40' 1.75".     1999. State
2.         Dan Doe.    9         35' 1.5"         2001. League
3         Tyler Doe.   12.       35' 10.25".     1991. Invite
4         Sam Doe.   10        35' 0"             1984. State


I have problem with column (see Distance) numbers try to 'sort' like rankings and i can't solve the format cell and custom.

Please help me. Thank you!

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I'd add a column with the distance either in inches (i.e. 2'8" = 32 inches) or in metres, and sort on that column.