Isolating Operators in a Cell Reference

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Is there a way to write the following uinsg <= in a cell reference?  Kindly refer to the folloiwng:




Cell C2 conatins <= but when I reference the cell, it wraps it in quotes which results in #VALUE!


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As variant

=IF( SWITCH(C2, "<", L2<D2, "<=", L2<=D2, "=", L2=D2, ">", L2>D2, ">=", L2>=D2 ), E2 )
Thank you for quick response Sergei.

It would appear easier just to use the operators in the expression in lieu of a cell reference.
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In general I'd say yes unless you want to change that cell C2 and not go into the formula. Another variant is:
=IF(COUNTIF(L2, C2&D2),E2)
C2 wll not change. You're solution is an excellent alternate; thank you!
Hey mtarler;

The final expression is as follows:

It worked perfectly. Thanks a million...