Is using a pivot table for this the right choice?

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Dear fellow community members,


I have the following problem. For our community yard sale we have given out numbers to people who want to sell things. The list I have has all 90 numbers in column A and the names in column B. People can reserve up to 3 numbers.

For the envelopes in which the money is put after the yard sale is over, I need a different table with the names in column A and the numbers in column B -D. I have tried using a pivot table, but it keeps summing up the numbers.

What am I missing here?

Can somebody help me? Maybe a pivot table isn't the right choice and I need to use VLOOKUP?


Thanks in advance,


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@RSchwarz84 , PivotTable works if you add helper column to your data to calculate sequential number of numbers for each name, could be as


and drag it down. Pivot all three columns, names in rows, sequence in columns and numbers as values.


Please see the sample attached