Is this normal for Excel shortcuts win 10 O 365

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In a worksheet

F1, F2, F3, F7, F8 - All provide a volume indication (I think). They each do minor changes F1 possibly on/off, F2, F3 move it one 2 point increment down or up, F7, F8 down or up with * (Not sure).

The above time off.

F9 - Something like a Win 10 Start window on 1/4 screen.

F10 - A desktop with small views of all open programs.

F11 - A side window "Connect"

Above F9 - F11 are removed by use of "Esc".

F12 - Opens "Settings" window full screen. Have to select Excel to go back

F4, F5, F6 do not work


Visual Basic Editor

In code All above are the same.

I.e. Things like F8 Step into, and F5 Run do not work.


What do I do to fix it?

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It's not Excel, it's your keyboard.

Look for the Fn key - usually between the left Ctrl key and the Windows key.

You have two options:


1) Press Fn+function key to access the Excel/Visual Basic functionality.

2) "Lock" the Fn key. This is done by pressing Fn+the lock key. The lock key varies between keyboards; it usually has either a lock symbol on it or the text 'Fn lock'. On my keyboard it is the Esc key, so I can press Fn+Esc to "lock" the Fn key. After that, F1, F2 etc. will act as expected in Excel.


Tastenkombinationen in Office

Here you'll find links to most keyboard shortcut articles for apps for Office.

At the same time a file with the 50 most frequently used shortcuts in Excel.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Thanks Hans
I spent hours searching for answers to this problem of mine without noting your supplied details anywhere. I'm thankful for your response in a short test just now as the local time approaches 1AM. The relief has been well worth the wait up.
Thanks for helping Nikolino
I did look at similar sites during my searches. I was unable to find any reference to the simple instruction supplied by Hans that provided the fix.
Thanks for your efforts.
I am pleased that you were helped with the proposed solution by Mr. Hans Vogelaar.
I wish you continued success with Excel.