Is this a bug or am i just being dumb?

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in C3 the formula is =B3+C2??

if I change it to =B3 it comes up with 1.5 so how is 1.5+0 = 0?

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Hi @Mindset001,

It is not a bug and you are definitely not dumb. It is the limitation of the precision of the software.

The number -0.1875 is rounded to 0 because the spreadsheet software uses a limited number of digits to represent numbers.

To see this, you can try changing the format of cell C3 to "Number" with 15 decimal places. You will see that the value of cell C3 is actually -0.187500000000001.

To fix this, you can use the ROUND function to round the value of cell C3 to the desired number of decimal places. For example, to round the value of cell C3 to 2 decimal places, you would use the following formula:


=ROUND(C3, 2)



This would result in the value of cell C3 being displayed as 1.50.

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Thanks - I realised it about 5 minutes after I had posted but appreciate the quick response.

I simply needed to format the cell differently and voila!