Is there anyway to determine the formatting used on specific cells

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I teach Excel to students and have a lot of Excel files to grade.


I can't remember which spreadsheet from times gone by had a feature that was really handy.  You could click on a cell, press some combination of shortcut keys, and it would tell you all the formatting applied to that cell.  That would eliminate you guessing what the author used for styles, colors, etc.


Does such a thing exist in the current Excel products?



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Perhaps the Format Cells dialog? Press Ctrl+1 to activate it.

There are tabs for the number format, alignment, font, borders, fill color and protection.



Hope in advance that I got it right.
I am not aware of any such keyboard shortcut, but there are keyboard shortcuts to display formulas.


Display Excel formulas using keyboard shortcuts
Open Excel and your edited document.
Press the key combination CTRL + Shift + `(Excel 2016) or CTRL + # (Excel 2013).
Now the formulas are displayed in the cells instead of the results. If your cells reference other cells, these will be highlighted in color.
To display the results again, press the same combination again.


Or go to Formulas-> Show Formulas.

Individual cell formatting appears in the formula bar.


There is also the keyboard shortcut CTRL + 1 for cell formatting.



I hope that I could help you with this information in your projects.


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