Is there an easier way to

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Is there an easier way to do this:- '=IF(WEEKDAY(A103)=6,Friday,IF(WEEKDAY(A103)=7,Saturday,IF(WEEKDAY(A103)=1,sunday,IF(WEEKDAY(A103)=2,monday,IF(WEEKDAY(A103)=3,Tuesday,IF(WEEKDAY(A103)=4,Wednesday,IF(WEEKDAY(A103)=5

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@Csausy yes


or if you want A103 or the new cell to only display that way (i.e. the cell still has the date value but only displays the day of the week) then under custom format use "dddd"


Thank you that is brilliant.



@Csausy Have you any other useful tips like that ?


@Csausy  "useful" is a relative term dependent on what you already know, and what you might need to know, and I know neither of those answers.  That said I would highly recommend reading these posts here and follow what these experts post as you can learn a ton from them.  You may not know/understand everything they are doing but learn from the ones you can and you can always ask questions.  Best of luck.

@mtarler  Thanks for that.

I only  dabble and keep records. But I like learn new, and to know that I am doing it properly,


Thanks for your time.